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The Right Psychologist Psychiatrist Psychotherapist Marriage Family Therapist

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Choosing a therapist is too important to be left to chance.
So ATA provides this public service to help you be
knowledgeable and confident in finding the right choice
for personal couple sex marital family child group testing
counseling psychotherapy. Save time and risk. You can
feel comfortable in choosing an outstanding affordable
counselor psychologist psychiatrist. Get The Right
Therapist Through ATA.

Preparing For Your Choice

FIRST click here for the terms of using our free service.
Then for step by step help in choosing your therapist,
find out about Degrees Titles and Comparisons in the
right column and click the following link for Advice on
How To Call and Choose The Right Therapist.

NOW to complete your preparation, review the profiles
of outstanding CONNECTICUT Therapists.
We advise you to select one or more therapists and
call them for a brief interview or email them with your

"Help is just a Just a phone call or email away to an outstanding Psychologist Psychiatrist Psychotherapist Marriage Family call or email away."
Therapists frequently receive inquiries and are pleased
to give you a few minutes of their time on the phone.

ATA wishes you the best in choosing The Right Therapist.

WE THANK YOU in advance for remembering to tell
each therapist you contact how you heard about them
through this American Therapy Association website.


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THERAPIST DEGREES Titles and Comparisons

Before making your choice, it's important to understand
the similarities and differences between psychological
health practitioners.

Doctoral Degree Therapists are known by the following
title and initials: Psychologist, PhD, PsyD, EdD.

Medical Doctor Therapists are known by the following
title and initials: Psychiatrist, MD.

Masters Degree Therapists are known by the following
titles and initials: Marriage And Family Therapist, MFT;
Clinical Social Worker, MSW; Professional Counselor,
MA, MS, MSN, MEd. Since Masters Therapists have
expertise in psychological problems as well as
relationship issues, they are generally described as

Though all the above practitioners can similarly be called
therapists psychotherapists counselors, Psychologists
tend to be more disorder/relationship oriented;
Psychiatrists are more disorder/medication oriented;
Masters Therapists are more life problem/relationship

If medication is considered, Psychologists and Masters
Therapists continue as your therapist and refer you to
their consulting Psychiatrist for a medication evaluation.
Only Psychiatrists and other MDs can prescribe

Psychological testing is an expertise provided by many

Advice on How To Call and Choose The Right Therapist


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